Our Mission

We seek to enlarge represented manufacturers and products base through institutionalization of work according to international best standards, having qualified, competent and committed human resources, and providing high quality services to all customers.

Our Vision

The leading and distinctive enterprise in representing manufacturers and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and other specialized products in Jordan .



Our Organization

In 1995, Walid Al- Turk Drugstore (WADS), was established as a licensed entity to handle pharmaceutical, hospital, and medical distribution in Jordan. Equipped with extensive and unrivalled business and management regional and local experience , WADS is owned and managed by Dr. Walid Al- Turk . He holds a BS degree in pharmacy, MS and Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Al- Turk has a long and wide previous international, regional, and local pharmaceutical experience in academia and business.


WADS infrastructure is one if not the best available in Jordan. The offices, warehouses, supported furniture, and facilities were established to meet the required international standards.


WADS operation is supported by a full and efficient and control. Fully atomized procedures were implemented to reduce human error, increase control, speed up logistics, and gather and supply market information to our principals. Stock movement and sales data are available at anytime on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. End of month financial and sales reports are generated and distributed on time to all principles.


WADS executive management have collectively a last experience in the field of pharmaceutical business . Efficient accounting and data entry operation management are also in place. The warehouse keepers, order organizers, and fillers are young and highly motivated people. Our sales staff consist of a salesmen supervisor and seven salesmen . All are university or college graduates who were enrolled in training programs in basic selling skills, product knowledge, and marketing skills. Regular in house training is continuous and on quarterly bases. WADS employees are medically insured.


WADS distinguishes itself as a distributor who cares about client’s needs and benefits. WADS delivers around the clock anywhere in Jordan. A proper purchase order is designed and used to facilitate the ordering process. Proper files were opened for each customer with all information required about the customers operation. The goods are sent in properly labeled and specially designed packages to avoid any damage and / or loss.


We believe that the relationship between the agent and principals should be a complete partnership. Full cooperation and collaboration are needed to have a successful business. Complete trust between both parties is a must.


WADS was among the first pharmaceutical distributors to be ISO 9002 certified since June 7, 1999. This certification was upgraded to the 2000 standards and the new certificate number is QBE 02498.